About the translation files

  • There is no language file that is installed as standard.
    However, there are cases where files are prepared for those with a low translation achievement rate.
  • The version number is the plugin or theme version at the time the translation file was created.
  • All files are a flat $5.
  • If the file you need is not listed, please request it from the form and we will make it and send it to you.
    The price is $5, the same as the download.

There are some things to note about the translation files you download.

  • The translations are machine translations and may not be completely accurate in some places.
    It is assumed that the translation will be corrected and used with software such as Poedit or a WordPress plugin that corrects the translation files.
  • No returns or refunds.
  • If the downloaded file is broken, we will send you a corrected file, but the name and email address on the form must match the receipt sent at the time of purchase.

Request translation files

  • Plugins or themes whose text is written directly in templates or code without using PO or MO files cannot provide translation files.
  • When sending the request form, please write the plugin or theme name and language you need.
    We will then send you an email with instructions.
  • It will take 1-3 days after payment to prepare the file.
  • Files that can be produced are ar (Arabic) de (German) es (Spanish) fa (Persian) fr (French) hi (Hindi) id (Indonesian) it (Italian) ja (Japanese) ko (Korean) pt (Portuguese) ru (Russian) th (Thai) tr (Turkish) vi (Vietnamese) zh (Chinese).

How to use

Unzip the downloaded file and move to “WP installation directory > wp-content > languages” with FTP software.
Upload the file to the “plugins” directory for plugins, or to the “themes” directory for themes.

If it does not work, please try clearing the cache.
If it still does not respond, try opening the file with a text editor.
If you cannot open the file, it may be corrupted, so please contact the administrator via the form.